Fallout 4 PC Australia Launch

With the hours counting down until the launch of Fallout 4 in Australia (Tues 10th November) we hope you’ve pre-ordered your copy. Accordingly most major retailers in Australia have sold out of physical copies. A quick google search of gaming retailers reveals a glum “Enter in another postcode or take our advice and give up”. Economically for XBox One and PS4 variants the whole game will be installed via DVD. Whereas for the PC version purchasing a ‘physical copy’ will contain installation files of data on the disc (0-4 gigs?) with the rest (roughly 30 gigs) to be downloaded before being playable. The majority of downloadable data will require a Steam client and, well, a few cups of coffee before you set off into the Wasteland.


Pre-ordering a physical copy for PC in Australia ranged from:

  • JB Hifi seduced with the ‘don’t-even-think-about-it’ price of $59 sans promo additions, e.g. posters, soundtracks, etc.
  • The Gamesmen priced it at $67.95 with 1 poster of the perk tree (against the eventual and non pre-order price of $89.95).
  • Harvey Norman wanted $78 sans promo additions.
  • EB Games came in at $89.95 offering 2 posters of the perk tree and the retro Nuka Cola.


Pre-ordering a digital copy via Steam (if you’re the type who lights your cigar with money):

Charges like a wounded bull at $114.39 AUS.


In addition if you did pre-order via The Gamesmen or EB Games you can attend one of their midnight launch parties. Wohoo!

The Gamesmen in Penshurst, NSW will open this Monday at 10pm (or perhaps they will just stay open past usual closing time?) two hours before the midnight launch. Their store will be transformed into a Fallout bunker with optional photo opportunities with the Pip Boy statue, trivia, prizes and time to visit their gaming museum 30 years in the making. The Gamesmen 10pm Fallout 4 launch are found here.

Similarly EB Games will open earlier than usual with seven stores nationwide open between 10pm and midnight. Elsewhere (and pretty much every suburb The Gamesmen are not in) many, many franchises will open at midnight. Details for EB Games midnight launch here.


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