Baldur’s Gate Expansion – Siege of Dragonspear

Finally Baldur’s Gate (1998) has an expansion releasing March 31st, 2016! The 25+ hour campaign titled ‘Siege of Dragonspear’ is developed by Overhaul Games through its publisher and parent Beamdog.

This is a welcome and unsurprising announcement. The team at Beamdog have been updating and improving the original Infinity Engine by creating the Enhanced Infinity Engine. Dually, they have also re-released classic titles using the Enhanced Infinity Engine including Baldur’s Gate I, Baldur’s Gate II and Icewind Dale I. As such, there is no better studio equipped to create a Baldur’s Gate expansion.

The Siege of Dragonspear revolves around the ‘Shining Lady’, a mysterious and charismatic woman amassing an army by stealing and conscripting the locals into her service along the Sword Coast. Why is her northern army marching south and is there truth to the rumours she is the daughter of a god?

Siege of Dragonspear1

New features include new and exotic area’s (including the Fallen Temple of Bhaal and the actual Dragonspear Castle), new items, quests and a new class ‘Shaman’, and those hand-painted locales we fondly remember so well.

Additionally there’s 4 new companions to jostle in and out of your starting lineup.

  1. Captain Schael Corwin: Archer and member of the Flaming Fists
  2. Voghiln the Vast: Skald and epic drinker and singer
  3. M’Khiin Grubdoubler: Shaman and goblin
  4. Glint Gardnersonson: Cleric and sneaky gnome

Siege of Dragonspear2

The good, the neutral and the evil: assessing the expansion using Dungeons and Dragons alignment system..

  • Lawful good: Ability to bring the companions from the original Baldur’s Gate I and the Enhanced Edition into the expansion.
  • Lawful neutral: The expansion requires Baldur’s Gate I Enhanced Edition. Simply having the original will not work.
  • Chaotic evil: The cloth map, adventure guide and DVD are only available in the Collectors Edition for $129.99 + shipping and handling!!! That’s a ludicrous amount just for an expansion (though it does include BG1 EE too). Almost 20 years ago the above 3 items were included in the original BG series as the only/standard pack and were still roughly half the price!

SideQuest is looking forward to this release (just the standard edition, $19.95 only, thank you) and being reacquainted with old buddies. Building a bridge from BG1 -> BG2 is an undertaking that breathes new life into a truly classic series. Furthermore, fluidity across any series is appreciable, both for newcomers and veterans alike. Hopefully Beamdog have even bigger plans for the future. With the recent hiring of luminary David Gaider from Bioware (who worked on the original BG2) is certainly a promising indication. Does the Siege of Dragonspear prompt you to “gather your party before venturing forth” across Amn once again?

Siege of Dragonspear3Goooo for the eyes, Boo”!

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