Mount & Blade 2 News, May 2016

M&B2 Street Life

SideQuest has sieved through developer blogs, vblogs and the recent interview with Armagan Yavuz (CEO and founder of TaleWorlds) and Rockpapershotgun. Below we have compiled the most comprehensive details of Mount & Blade 2 news available, covering the game play fundamentals; the new setting, engine, features, politics and combat; and of course what the developers have planned for modding support and a release date (of sorts).

  • Fundamentally, Mount & Blade 2 shares these same characteristics as Mount & Blade: Warband..

    • Traditional viewing interfaces with an over-world map for traveling across and a 3rd person perspective while in locations.
    • Movement on the map is simultaneous with time passing. Conversely, when not moving, time is paused.
    • Freedom to explore in a sandbox environment, i.e., create your character and choose who you align and battle with and against.
    • Politics largely surround the feudal monarchy of a king and their vassals. Then, y’know, everyone else.


M&B2 Sultans Palace

  • Although it’s in a new setting:

    • Mount & Blade 2 is a prequel to Mount & Blade: Warband and set 200 years prior. This is partly due to not wanting to implement guns, and full amour.
    • A familiar but expanded map size of Calradia “resulting in a map which is around three times larger”, with more mountain ranges and ravines, ripe for tactical combat.
    • 6 factions (including a minor bandit one) who are the ancestors of former Mount and Blade factions, e.g. the Vlandia faction compromise the Swadian and Rhodoks before they separated.
    • Seasons of the year are sped up and the environment is more dynamic, with increased effects of snow and rain hampering some unit types.
    • Mount & Blade 2 has a new game engine to Mount & Blade: Warband and thus far superior graphically. Check out the video at the bottom.


M&B2 Inside a House

  • This new engine allows:

    • Facial animations. When some raider threatens they’ll drink from your skull – we can potentially see them snarl or mock accordingly.
    • Overhaul of U/I, allowing more information to be presented on screen, both in combat and on the map.
    • More dialogues choices, small stories and quests, interesting characters, and each players experience will be unique.
    • Larger scaled battles and more combat units in battle at once.
    • More custom player models and choices in character creation.


M&B2 Bar

  • Other new features:

    • Ability to play and bet money in tavern board games which differ between each factions and available in their respective locales.
    • Criminal syndicates within towns can be paid off or attacked. Thereafter it is possible to set up your own gang to bully money out of the populace.
    • Establishing a private business has been upgraded and a smith can now make weapons for you, from all of the various shapes and styles within the game. Each weapon design also includes a selection of guards, grips and pommels. Similar to Fallout 4 you can even name these weapons. Other business’ include a brewery and a winery.
    • However a smith cannot make armour for you. This must be purchased from markets or looted.
    • An influence variable which dictates whether another lord will agree to what you are asking them. This concept seems largely similar to Mount & Blade’s ‘renown’.
    • Players will age during their adventures.
    • Ability to garrison troops and companions who will consequently defend your settlement in a siege.


M&B2 Inside the City

  • Upgraded political system:

    • Ability to ransom captured lords back to their faction, rather than waiting for their proposition.
    • Or, rather than ransom them, you can simply expedite the death of their faction by executing political prisoners.
    • Female leaders. And not just a claimant!
    • Vassals can poach recruits from your army.
    • Attacking and looting villagers of foreign towns will negatively effect their lords income. Consequently, that lord will be more pressed in funding the recruitment and provisions of their standing army. This devious tactic may help the player defeat rival lords through financially starving them.


M&B2 Entryway

  • New features to combat, battles and warfare:

    • More detail of troop data, displayed during and post-battle. These numbers include types of troops and how many, injuries/kills/killed from both sides, etc.
    • Equipping arms and armour is more intuitive and streamlined.
    • Smoother and more varied combat animations.
    • Hovering over equipment of slain enemies will flash a two-windowed screen for easy comparison. This will allow a quick judgement between valuable loot and items which simply fill your inventory.
    • Different lords have different personalities reflected in how they lead their army on the battlefield, e.g. offensive or defensively minded, considered or hot-headed, etc.
    • Troop numbers and types are displayed when choosing whether to join or not join your army in attacking/defending. This feature is important when deciding to attack and is helpfully transparent when accommodating for strategy.
    • Commanding troops is overhauled, leading to a ‘Total War’ -like grouping positions in battle, in addition to moving cavalry, archers and melee independently.


M&B2 Under a Tree

  • Mod support and release date?

    • The ability to use mods has been confirmed.
    • A system is in works to make more than one mod work together in concert simultaneously.
    • TaleWorlds is planning for a larger scope with expansions in mind.
    • A release date has not been confirmed. Representatives are aiming to open early access or offer an open beta this year (2016).


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