The companions of The Technomancer

Companions from The Technomancer

The Technomancer will be released for PS4, Xbone and PC at the end of this month (June 28). Still not much is known about this sci-fi RPG title from Spiders (Bound by Flame, Mars: War Logs), given the close release date. However the companions of The Technomancer were featured in a video (scroll to the bottom) to tease us about who they are, each of their combat styles and the possible relationships between yourself and them.

Zach faceThe protagonist:

Beginning 200 years after the colonisation of Mars, you play as Zachariah Mancer a fledgling Technomancer (think inFamous game styled electricity powers) progressing his initiation into an order of Technomancers. Mars is inhabitable (in parts) and looks like a setting somewhere in-between Mad Max (various outlandish factions vying for control), Dune (factions centred on controlling a particularly limited resource) and Fallout (with mutants and post-inhabitation of a new or changed terrain). Zach is also a type of mage-warrior, with electrical powers enhanced by cybernetic implants. There’s 4 skill tree’s to level up and 3 combat styles to choose from. Abilities and ability points – similar to traditional RPG’s – will focus on strength/agility/power/constitution. The combat styles include: two-handed staff; blade and gun; or blade and shield. At this stage, dual wielding 2 blades or 2 guns doesn’t seem possible. Zach can also craft and customise weapons/armour. The decisions you choose and who you travel with are believed to impact the plot and the events within the game.


Companion management:

Up to 2 companions can travel with you at any one given time. Similar to other RPG’s – the more you travel with them will increase the ability to explore their personalities and gain additional powers (“ally relationship bonus”) and relationship options. The player can enter friendships and rivalries with companions (tip of the cap to Dragon Age 2) and romances (tip of the cap to Bioware). On Twitter, 26th May, @TechnomancerRPG confirmed male/male romances were available too. Chosen companions will fight and react to your combat moves in-game. As such, traveling with the most attractive companions to later romance, may not be the most complimentary or beneficial to your combat style while grinding through the combat areas.

Non-companion characters:

Sean Face


Sean is Zach’s teacher and mentor, guiding Zach through the initiation process. From the trailer he appears to have an electrical meltdown, whether planned or unplanned. From the videos so far, he doesn’t appear to be a playable companion. As such, we’re assuming he dies during/after initiation. This could set up the revenge arc and direct the narrative to a later showdown between Zach and the antagonist. If so, Sean’s story might follow a similar trajectory to that of Grey Warden Duncan in Dragon Age: Origins, or Obi-Wan Kenobi from Star Wars. The culprit of this foreshadowing event is possibly..


Colonel Viktor

Colonel Viktor

Director of the ASC (Abundance Security Committee). The ASC is the secret police of the Abundance Army. Given his stern attitude and non-relationship with Zach thus far – he’s a strong candidate for the villain. It is stated Zach is on the run. Running from a secret police seems plausible. Thus Colonel Viktor could easily contribute to a role similar to that of Agent Smith in the Matrix. There might be a twist that Viktor is also a Technomancer.



 The companions of The Technomancer:



Due to harmful radiation from the Sun, Phobos is a mutant. He prefers using a two handed mace and looks like like a hybrid of Gary Busey and Thing (from Fantastic Four). Despite this, he’s well educated, an advocate of peace and desires unity among mutants. Having a tank of a companion to absorb damage while being an atypical intelligent character is a fresh perspective on the class. His story line may play out along similar lines to Urdnot Wrex (Mass Effect) fighting for acceptance among non-mutants and unity among mutants. Kind of like an orange version of Professor X (X-Men) on steroids.


Niesha' Face


She’s the svelte rogue, preferring dagger and pistol style. Being a rogue she is also the go-to-gal for traps and lock-picking. She could play an indispensable role within a setting of multiple jostling factions and their dependence on security. However, little is known about her yet. Hopefully she gets a couple of great sidequests like that of Kasumi Goto (Mass Effect). Finally, she looks like Rihanna and Neera (Baldur’s Gate Enhanced Edition), but with a wicked shaved, wrap-around hairstyle. Likely romance-able.


Lucky Face


Real name – Andrew. Lucky prefers a mace in combat. He’s probably a BFF and a bit of a hipster. His left arm is cybernetic from either a combat/skateboarding injury. Like Niesha, these two have the least revealed about them to date. His looks reminds us of Dorian (Dragon Age: Inquisition), or his steampunk influenced younger brother. Being the Dorian look-a-like, Lucky is likely to be a/the male/male romance.



Scott Seeker

Scott Seeker:

He’s a doctor and a scientist and responsible for the healing and drugs within the party. Apparently he found Zach on the streets and assumes a foster father role. He’s also an alcoholic. What effects this will have on the story is unknown. Perhaps it’s just cosmetic to liven up the boring scientist archetype?  Perhaps it’s the establishing point for the rivalry/friendship? He looks like a cross between the Illusive Man from Mass Effect and Dr. Emmett Brown from Back to the Future (“Great Scott!”).



Amelia Reacher

Amelia Reacher:

She’s an expedition driver who gets the team from point A to point somewhere else on Mars. Amelia is a ranged and melee combatant though often is found with a shield and blade/mace. Also, she is handy with repairs and crafting. As the engineer of the group she could be the most valuable. She looks younger than the rest of the group and to us looks somewhere between Cait from Fallout 4 and Leliana from Dragon Age. From the video it’s likely she is romance-able.



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