E3 Bethesda Announcements

Following Electronic Arts (EA), Bethesda took the stage at E3 to announce multiple items.

Below are the PC RPG highlights of the event..

Elder Scrolls: Legends

This is a free-to-play, strategy card game within the Elder Scrolls lore. It features a story-driven single player campaign, with a couple of new features outside other card games such as Hearthstone, or Gwent (The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt). Firstly – like Dungeons and Dragons – there’s the familiar attributes you assign to a deck, from strength, agility, intelligence, endurance and willpower. Choosing particular attributes within the 5 will assign your completed deck into a class. For example, focusing on agility and strength will favour you to the archer class; willpower and intelligence to the mage class; and strength and endurance for the warrior class. A full rundown can be seen here. The Races from Tamriel are all present and available to choose from. Similar to Elder Scrolls Online, selecting a class and a race will augment your play-style. For example, Wild Elves/Bosmer for archers, or High Elves for spell-casting. Fundamental and similarly with Hearthstone – cards will have various creatures with attack and defense values and ability to guard, summon and charge, etc. Aside from these three, there will be 9 other abilities. This includes pilfer, drain and regenerate.

Secondly, and somewhat like a MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena, think DOTA and LOL) there will be a lane system in this card game. “Two lanes – each with its own unique characteristic – divide the battlefield, adding another layer of strategy to your match.” These lanes provide an opportunity to attack the opponents cards/creatures or the opponent for the direct win. There are a few modes: Campaign (AI) for the single player, Battle (AI or Human) in a one-off game, or Arena (AI or Human) in which you play 7-8 times with the same deck for higher rewards/packs/cards if you make it to the end. It’s supposedly fast-paced, but with depth and likely to appeal to seasoned card game players and Elder Scrolls fans. Summarily, it’s a good move by Bethesda to jump into the card game space before it will inevitably crowd.

Forward to 2:30 minute mark for an actual look at the card game.

It will be available for  PC, Mac, iPad, Android tablets, Android phones and iPhone. Comes out this year in 2016 and is currently in beta. Join up here.


Elder Scrolls: Online, Tamriel One

In addition to the DLC ‘The Dark Brotherhood’ (June 14), a patch titled ‘One Tamriel’ will extend and allow playable areas across all most of Tamriel. This will make adventuring with your friends much easier, regardless of each players level. Thus, groups of differing leveled characters can party together. Alternatively, you can now freely travel solo across previously blocked area’s. This is a welcoming departure from the segmentation that is currently in place within Scrolls. Returning that sense and feeling of freedom and wonderment through wide, open locations were the foundations Elders Scrolls awed us from the beginning. Prior to the new patch, races were divided into three parts of the map, and only accessible if each had reached certain levels. To ease these restrictions if you are under-leveled, Bethesda (and ZeniMax Online) auto-levels your character to meet their requirements. Higher level characters will still have the advantage overall, as auto-leveling does not affect the better armour and weapons, etc, veterans of the game have amassed. Overall, now anyone can walk across Tamriel uninhibited and/or join others regardless of their level corresponding to yours. Except in PVP areas, veteran leveled dungeons and the Coldharbour zone. But still, it makes the experience a lot more accessible.


Fallout 4 DLC

3 new DLC named ‘Contraptions’, ‘Vault-Tec’ and ‘Nuka Cola’, were announced and planned to drop this June, July and August respectively.

E3 Fallout4 DLC

Contraptions is a workshop mod allowing players to build elevators, armour and weapon racks, track kits (?), conveyor belts and sorting machines. We understand the first 3, but the last? Guess Bethesda are gambling on the community to make all manner of ‘contraptions’ for their settlement. Ensuring each design will work requires some ingenuity to really take advantage of this mod. Unseen in the video, but also available, are “scaffolding kits, logic gates, greenhouse kits, warehouse kits and fireworks”. It will be released on June 21 and cost $4.99 USD.

Vault-Tec is another workshop mod aimed at further ushering Sims players into re-decorating their settlement homes. It includes the ability to build your own underground vault for added protection and an ability to experiment on dwellers (or just put them on a treadmill). Along with vintage furniture, lighting and art – this should compliment the previous Wasteland mod holistically. An image from E3 suggests you can visualise your shelter to a perspective similar to Fallout Shelter, the X Com2 base, or ‘ant-farm’, enabling spying on each settler on each level of your vault. Creepy. Released in July and costs $4.99 USD.

Nuka-World offers some light-hearted social opportunities in the form of an amusement park. It’s possible this mod could provide a blue-print into the possibilities of using Contraptions, by way of looking at how scaffolding, elevators and conveyor belts work in the game. Regardless, the least is known about this DLC but looks fun. “Explore an all-new region with an open wasteland and park zones like Safari Adventure, Dry Rock Gulch, Kiddie Kingdom and the Galactic Zone. Nuka-World features new quests, Raiders, weapons, creatures and more. Enjoy the ride!” (Matt Grandstaff, Global Community Lead).

Fallout 4 VR

Fallout 4 in VR. Specifically HTC Vive VR. Coming 2017.

“We plan to release Fallout 4 for VR headsets within the next 12 months” (Gary Steinman, Global Content Lead)


At E3 some were even lucky enough to try out Fallout 4 in VR..

Fallout Shelter for PC

The free-to-play mobile/app game is coming to PC! In addition, there will be more quests, locations, enemies, combat system, characters, etc. If you haven’t played it on either Android or iOS, this will be the perfect time to crawl inside the shelter. Given Nuka-World will offer a similar view and structure – porting Fallout Shelter should seamlessly integrate the player into a different but conceptually familiar setting.

Skyrim: Special Edition

Although quite old now; Skyrim will be given a fresh coast of paint with the upgrades and patches to ‘Special Edition’. This news will be more exciting for PS4 & XBox1 players (who will finally be able to use mods and patches), but may still be enticing for PC players too. Firstly, if you own Skyrim and the expansions (Dawnguard, Hearthfire & Dragonborn) PC players will receive the Special Edition for free via a Steam patch. This new edition will primarily enhance the graphics with new and remastered art and effects; volumetric god rays (?); dynamic depth of field; reflections; snow and water shaders.

Hopefully, just hopefully, it will patch and resolve the bugs with Serana. These include implementing her unused voice-over files, mapping her location so she’s not so easily to get lost, and of course the ability to wed her if she becomes human. Altogether this is great news for fans of Skyrim, young and old, and is appreciated Bethesda continues to support a supportive community.

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