Introducing the 3 first Tyranny companions

With Tyranny releasing later in 2016 (fingers crossed), the developers at Obsidian semi-regularly post a blog concerning the game’s combat, politics, lore and short stories. This background information isn’t essential to eventually playing the game. However, as a starting point – and broaching a new IP with preconceived ideas – it is helpful. If nothing else than to provide context to beginning a narrative after evil won. Not since Dungeon Keeper have you played the bad guy. Even he was still waging battles while the war continued on. The narrative also includes titles and references to Kyros, Fatebinders, Tiers and Archons. While they all establish the environment of your character – your companions will be front and centre.

Let’s take a look at the 3 first Tyranny companions..

Barik TyrannyName: Barik (of the Stone Shields)

Vocal Tone: Speaks confidently and clearly like a leader.

Faction Allegiance: The Disfavored.

Characteristics: Rigid, uncompromising, respectful, determined, obedient.

Unique Character? His body is trapped in a prison of blades. This armour is fused and twisted by iron and bronze.

Role in Party: Positioned at the front. A shield or ‘tank’ pulling and directing attention away from the party and onto himself.

x2 Talent Tree Pathways:

  • Sentinel – Maintains control on the battlefield while decreasing the damage.


  • Punisher – Focused on retribution (absorbing then enacting damage).

Action Barik Tyranny

Abilities: Toe-to-toe combat, defensive stance, taunt.

Upgraded Ability: Unleashing his bladed prison into an AOE attack.

Overall: A barbarian in a full plate of armour.

Advantages of using Barik? Leading him directly into frontal assaults will enable you to concentrate on using other members spells and abilities more freely.

Possible Character Storyline: Discovering a way to unlock and remove his armoured prison. The cost of which would be suffering a permanently lowered stat in Resolve.

Reminds us of a combination of: Sten (Dragon Age: Origins) and Vhailor (Planescape: Torment).

Verse TyrannyName: Verse

Faction Allegiance: Scarlet Chorus.

Vocal Tone: Unapologetic, matter of fact.

Characteristics: Antagonistic, spirited, playfully sarcastic, ambitious, passionate.

Unique Character? Well-trained in many forms of combat, some learned from only observation. Fights passionately in an improvisational manner.

Role in Party: Positioned mid to back. Flexible melee or ranged DPS. Similar to a rogue class who can volley strikes up-close or from afar.

x2 Talent Tree Pathways:

  • Duelist – Attacking in volume with twin blades against weakened targets.


  • Skirmisher – Nimbly escaping before devastating from long range with a bow and burning arrow.

Verse Combat TyrannyAbilities: Increases dodge and parry during a battle, rush attack, post-kill attacking spree, fire damage with lit arrows, spinning attack that vaults her to safety.

Upgraded Ability: Unknown. Perhaps she will emulate the players fighting style in addition to her own and consequently switch from yours to hers at whim.

Overall: An assassin with the personality of a swashbuckler.

Advantages of using Verse? After identifying the enemy leader or most dangerous adversary – Verse could rush attack in and then spin attack out to both interrupt and drastically reduce their health.

Possible Character Storyline: Absolving her guilt by proper mourning and burial rites for her sister Furies defeated in battle because of Verse’ frozen panic.

Reminds us of a combination of: Isabela (Dragon Age II) and Jack (Mass Effect II).


Lantry TyrannyName: Lantry

Faction Allegiance: School of the Ink & Quill.

Vocal Tone: Smug, worldly.

Characteristics: Studious, driven, adaptive, opportunistic, decisive.

Unique Character? A man of letters and numbers, a student of magic, an archivist, and a longer lifespan due to preservation magic.

Role in Party: Positioned at the back. A support role to fill in the blanks of the party with healing, buff, restoration and silencing enemy abilities.

x3 Talent Tree Pathways!

  • Preservation – Casting renewal magics to the party for buffing, healing and resuscitation.
  • Sage – Debilitating enemies through offensive spells and abilities.
  • Quill – Specialising in throwing quill-looking knives.


Lantry TyrannyAbilities: AOE ranged attack causing bleed, silence enemy spell-casters, energy attack reducing enemy magical resistance, restores party armour and weapons, revives unconscious comrades.

Upgraded Ability: Unknown. Perhaps dialogue with Lantry will accumulate his archivist knowledge of yourself as a Fatebinder and passively increase some of his abilities?

Overall: A priest without religion.

Advantages of using Lantry? Lantry is like a Swiss knife who can fill a number of roles collectively or be assigned to a specific function. Obviously, the Preservation pathway could empower him as a field medic invaluable for beginners or for testing yourself on the hardest difficulties.

Possible Character Storyline: Restoring an abandoned building in the image of the burnt library at Vellum Citadel?

Reminds us of a combination of: Dorian (Dragon Age: Inquisition) and Keldorn Firecam (Baldur’s Gate II) and Mordin Solus (Mass Effect 2). Horrible, confusing mix – but that’s to the credit of his unparalleled character!


A plated juggernaut, a mohawked assassin and a silverfox intellectual, each offer a glimpse into the possibilities of your traveling party. So far we like the first Tyranny companions. Yet this list is nowhere near complete. Hopefully, Tyranny will ship with double (but unlikely more) the number of available companions. Of equal importance is the decision to design characters away from a class-based to a skill-based system. To feature traditional character builds (paladin, sorcerer, bard, etc,) in an atypical and new IP would feel underwhelming – like using the same ingredients to make a new cake. It would look different but disappointingly taste familiar. Additionally, Tyranny does not feature elves either demarcating another point of difference with fantasy cliches. Now if Tyranny avoided ‘handcuffing’ and rewarding the player – obliging more utilitarian motives that were lawful but unethical as a guise of evil, instead of the more unconscionable, dastardly and villainous choices – this game will truly be tyrannical.

Below is a video illustrating 3 alternative choices you can make on the one same scenario with the above 3 companions.

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