Obsidian reveals Tyranny release date

Evil has won and now has a release date. Since the announcement of this game back in March we’ve hungrily awaited this title.

Available via Steam and GOG and via Tyranny the Tyranny release date will be November 10.


  • Tyranny is currently only available via download. Purchasing a physical copy has not been announced. However it’s a safe assumption copies will appear on shelves closer to Christmas given the high(est) sales period of the year.
  • It is playable on PC/Mac/Linux.
  • There are 3 versions of the game (Commander, Archon, Overlord) each with differing amounts of loot with a pre-order purchase.
  • The length of the game is between 20-30 hours.
  • Companions and factions will have a loyalty/favor and fear/wrath attribute according to the decisions the player makes towards them. Conceptually this is similar to Dragon Age II’s friendship/rivalry pathways.
  • No romanceable companions however there are dialogues with a romantic context.
  • Five companions have been officially announced with an other (Sirin) yet to be previewed by Obsidian (picture below). We predict there will be 1-2 more companions announced.Tyranny Sirin

What do I need to be evil?

Overall it’s very similar to Pillars of Eternity. Basically if you can run AoE – you can run Tyranny too. (picture by Steam, Valve).

Tyranny RequirementsPillars of Eternity Requirements

Ok, so which version should I buy?

All pre-orders come with x2 items, which like every other bonus item in RPGs is mostly superfluous mid-game. But, it is nice to get the edge from the start. These include the accessory “Fatebinders Seal”, which gives you a +2 Resolve. The other free item is a pair of boots – “The Commanders Will”. These have the ability to remove a hostile effect on each of the parties companions. We’re guessing this might be critical a handful of times during the game. Aside from that, there is 3 versions you can purchase of the digital game.

Each differs in price and loot you can expect. Rather than tally them up just scroll down to an invaluable graphic from Paradox Interactive highlighting which bundle contains what.

Tyranny Comparison Checklist

No, really! Which version should I buy?

Let me begin by saying the Commander Edition is absolutely necessary. This means you’re going to pay $40-45 US. If that’s your limit, go ahead and just do that. The Tyranny release date is quite soon. Already there are distinguishable price differences on Steam & Tyranny with GOG. Currently GOG sells editions between $5-9 US cheaper.

Steam & PI = Commander $44.99; Archon $59.99; Overlord $79.99

GOG = Commander $39.79; Archon $52.79; Overlord $70.39

Therefore the only decision is whether the Archon or Overlord edition is worth it.

If unsure, read on..

  • How much would you pay for Paradox Plaza exclusive icons and avatars, a digital map, short stories, wallpapers and a soundtrack from Tyranny?


If your answer is Yes, read on. If No, just take the Commander ed.

  • How much would you pay for all of the above, plus a digital collector’s guide book and digital Tyranny art book?

$35 for the lot?

If Yes, order the Overlord. If No, take the Archon ed.

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