Obsidian announces the final 3 Tyranny companions

With the public release of Tyranny in mere hours (!), we investigated the last 3 companions announced by Obsidian. In previewing them, we hope you will get a sense of ‘what to expect’ when your path crosses theirs. Comparative to the first 3, these females are more foreign and less accepting to the new dominant culture. These gals are more resistant, and harbour more personal challenges under Kyros’ rule. Arguably they are more independently aligned and indignant to the factionalism around them.

Finally, let’s take a look at the 3 last Tyranny companions..

Eb TyrannyName: Eb

Vocal Tone: Proud and resolute.

Faction Allegiance: School of Tides.

Characteristics: Uncompromising, blunt, forceful and unafraid.

Unique Character? A refugee mage losing her family, home and school to Kyros’ war, she now seeks vengeance. Being the last of her order she has nothing to lose.

Role in Party: Positioned towards the middle or back to inflict damage without taking too much.

x2 Talent Tree Pathways:

  • Gravelight – Slamming and siphoning enemies or warping herself to another location.


  • Tidal – Pushing away or drowning foes, obscuring enemy vision with mist and hastening ally movement.

Tyranny Eb

Abilities: Re-directing enemy positioning, elemental damage, silence spell casters.

Upgraded Ability: Unknown.

Overall: An offensive, elemental, wind/water mage.

Advantages of using Eb? Nimbly moving from the middle to back of the party, she could re-arrange and devastate the enemies position and choices of engagement.

Possible Character Storyline: Adopting a new role by the side of the Fatebinder she may resolve her tragic past, letting the tides erode her past jagged edges to breathe life into a new purpose.

Reminds us of a combination of: Wynne (Dragon Age: Origins) and Viconia (Baldur’s Gate II).

Kills In ShadowsName: Kills-In-Shadows

Faction Allegiance: Shadowhunter.

Vocal Tone: Guttural, low and rumbling.

Characteristics: Intelligent but uneducated, primal yet skillful, both boastful and daring.

Unique Character? A hulking predator and bodyguard adept at striking from the shadows or furiously clawing into melee.

Role in Party: Positioned front or flank to dish out the damage.

x2 Talent Tree Pathways:

  • Ravager – Shadow attacks, armour penetration and bleeding over time effects.


  • Titan – Greater health pool, multiple enemy attacks and enrage abilities.

Tyanny Kills In ShadowsAbilities: Can use a two-handed weapon in one hand, AoE stealth attacks, frightening scream, berserker rage, rushing attack, slash/pierce damage with bleeding effect.

Upgraded Ability: Unknown.

Overall: A werewolf with the strength of a fighter and the agility of a rogue.

Advantages of using KiS? She’s huge. Like the size of a small car. Imagine walking around with a pet tiger off the leash and you’ve begun to sense the magnitude of this beast. Her threatening appearance alone could elicit fear and respect from onlookers. And this response is exactly the desired gravitas the player (and Fatebinder) should be viewed with. Additionally, with her stealth mechanics, she could suitably fit with most parties.

Possible Character Storyline: Absolving her guilt by proper mourning and burial rites for her sister Furies defeated in battle because of Verse’ frozen panic.

Reminds us of a combination of: Aela (Skyrim) and Bodhi (Baldur’s Gate II: Throne of Bhaal).

Sirin TyrannyName: Sirin

Faction Allegiance: Kyros the Overlord.

Vocal Tone: Haughty, gratified.

Characteristics: Young, prodigious, unpredictable, precocious.

Unique Character? Sirin, the Archon of Song, is primarily responsible for recruiting new members into Kyros’ army. To curb and control her growing talents she was fitted with a special helmet with a gem that will break if she surpasses the limits imposed on her by the Voices of Nerat and Kyros.

Role in Party: At the back and then a little bit further away. She is HQ and ‘mission control’ of a strong support role. With songs and abilities she will enhance and buff your party and undermine and depress the enemy.

x2 Talent Tree Pathways!

  • Peace – Defense, remove party hostile effects, revive fallen comrades.


  • War – Affect enemy minds, and physically push or shock them around the battlefield.

Sirin CompanionAbilities (& Songs): Raise might/will/vitality of AoE allies, lowers resolve/parry/dodge of enemies, increase ally movement, removes hostile effects, can sing confusion and terrify into opponents.

Upgraded Ability: Unknown. Perhaps her songs will increase in length and complexity?

Overall: The Taylor Swift of the bard class and very similar to the Chanter class from Pillars of Eternity.

Advantages of using Sirin? Consistently buffing and debuffing groups with her songs and abilities could be an indispensable and pragmatic method of guaranteed success for any party.

Possible Character Storyline: Many. A reunion with her family, safely removing her helmet with the help of the Fatebinder or maturing her position as a governing Archon demanding authority.

Reminds us of a combination of: Jean Grey (X-Men) and Aerie (Baldur’s Gate II).


When 6 becomes 3..

A nautical mage, an animalistic brute and a powerful Songbird total the announced companions for Tyranny. While there are a few abilities with similar functions between characters – all of them feel quite fresh and unique. This is because each do not fit neatly into DnD classes. They are hybrids of two or three classes making something or someone new. However the shells or outlines of traditional classes do linger somewhat. Utilising this and choosing a balanced party that can negotiate any type of situation is important for fun and longevity. In doing this, the 6 companions can more or less be distinguished by their focus on melee or ranged combat and magic. For example, Barik and KiS are more suited to leading the charge and being the first point of engagement. Verse and Lantry could provide skirmish attacks and aerial combat, while Eb and Sirin could magic up the place from the safety of the rear.

But choosing one companion from each of the above 3 styles is safe, limiting and degrades and overlooks the talent tree pathways. So maybe the best party choice for Tyranny companions is to pair them up via their political affiliation, e.g. independents (Lantry, Eb & KiS) or establishment (Barik, Verse and Sirin)? Maybe it’s youth/wisdom, guys/girls, etc? Either way, I’m pumped. Evil won – now let’s have fun.

Tyranny is currently available on Paradox Interactive, Steam & GOG.

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