Where to find the cheapest Bioware points for DLC

Few things draw the ire of gamers more than DLC or ‘downloadable content’. These range from the aesthetic (new skins for the player, mount, or furniture); to new companions, guns, costumes, enemies; to the expansions that add new areas, dialogue, quests and sometimes all of the former. Aside from their subjective value each are ascribed a different cost. ‘In-game purchases’ are somewhat distinct from DLC as they are usually less expensive, but give the player more of a competitive edge, more lives, more accounts, etc. Particularly in multiplayer, these purchases are aimed at benefiting the paying player, while hoping to still maintain a certain balance by not unfairly advantaging the players who do not make these purchases.

Before Dragon Age: Inquisition, the Bioware Social Network was the database (and forum) to register DLC game content for games like the previous Dragon Ages and Mass Effect. Then came Electronic Arts’ Origin client. And then you had to make an EA account to use the Origin client. And then you had to use the EA account to login to BSN. The Origin client also includes non-RPG titles too, like Titanfall, FIFA and Need for Speed, etc. Nowadays, the BSN is upgrading (and downgrading) their site and have culled their forums which are now archived.

Regardless, there are still two places to buy/redeem DLC for Dragon Age and Mass Effect.

The Bioware Social Network and Origin.

You will need Bioware points to purchase DLC.

The BSN is much cheaper to purchase these Bioware points.

The Bioware Social Network:

BSN Points Bioware Points


EA Bioware PointsOrigin Bioware Points

To simplify this, we added some bullet points just to stress the cost discrepancy and difference for the same Bioware points.

  • BSN is $12 or 37.5% cheaper for 1600 points.
  • BSN is $6 cheaper or 37.5% cheaper for 800 points.

If you were to get all of the larger DLCs for Mass Effect 3, being:

  • Citadel = 1200 points
  • Omega = 1200 points
  • Leviathan = 800 points
  • From Ashes = 800 points

That would amount to 4000 Bioware points.

So how much would it cost for all of the ‘must-have’ Mass Effect 3 DLC?

BSN $48

Origin $80

*Comparative prices were using USD and may differ between countries.

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