About SideQuest

So what is SideQuest?

SideQuest is an independent PC gaming website focusing on Role Playing Games (RPG) and the mechanics within. We feature news, previews, reviews and comparisons. Admittedly, these days it seems almost every game has an element of role-playing!

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Why SideQuest and not.. Main Quest?

Sometime across the gaming lifes and lives from Nintendo, Sega, Sony and Microsoft the desire to re-do the games critical mission diminished with each new release. Even worse, they appeared to replicate the same procedure of become a hero, stop this, save that, etc. Then one day, I stepped off the path I was supposed to continue along. In the game world, I had almost vanished.

Eager quest-giving NPC’s waited for days if not weeks for me to receive the next part of the puzzle. Sports fans only saw me at the big games. My vigilante squad usually carried out missions without me. I didn’t need to grind through it all to ultimately save this world, win this shiny thing or defeat that great evil – I had done it all previously. Games and games ago, in fact.

More importantly I found something else. Off the path I re-discovered the actual fun part of gaming. The journey. The side quest. Side quests journeyed within and separate to the main quest remind me of why I continue to game. Either created by the developers or by the players – side quests can be unique, profound and even expand beyond and eclipse the main quest.